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HPR Graphics has been stepping up their game recently. Not that their designs weren’t cutting edge and stellar to begin with but now they are even that much better. It’s one thing to design a prop liquor label or magazine cover, it’s a whole other thing to do it so it doesn’t look like a prop, so that it looks like something you would see on the self at your local grocery store or your local book store.

Take a look at these new designs from the graphics team at HPR. They are full of detail and imagination. You’ve got some great new designs for DVD covers, liquor labels, comic books and my favorite, the soda can label. I know it looks simple but anybody who has dealt with prop soda can labels and the bevel at the top of the soda can, knows it’s no easy task getting these labels to form to the can with the bevel.

These new designs and many more can be seen at https://www.hprgraphics.net.

TopHatterLana RogueDiet Cola BlueSpace CrunchCarlitosCommand 2


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