Whether you are searching for an 18th century wooden trunk, period or present day baseball, sterling silver candelabra or turn of the century fountain pen you can find them all in the vast collection of props at HPR. As one of the country’s premiere prop houses we offer superior service, a knowledgeable sales staff, and a convenient 7am to 7pm store hours.

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HPR can. Nothing you can imagine is beyond our reach. From a anti-matter canister for Angel and Demons to a glowing amber and silver chalice for Pirates of the Caribbean, HPR manufacturing’s skilled craftsmen, working from your blueprint or your imagination, will make it come to life.
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HPR’s new facility combines state of the art technology with our creative team of artists to produce authentic period to present day film graphics. As well as custom orders, HPR graphics also carries a large selection of product labels, I.D.s, skins, magazine covers, menus and license plates.
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HPR has compiled a comprehensive prop research library. This along with our experienced staff and numerous sources provide you with accurate research for all time periods and places.

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HPR procures the unusual and hard to find. Through our worldwide sources we are capable of acquiring items from across the globe.

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Lamps & Pictures

Choose from our hundreds of framed art and textiles to decorate your set. We also offer on site picture framing with consideration for industry time needs, never sacrificing quality. In addition, our lamp collection offers an array of present day and period desk lamps, table lamps, sconces, torchieres and more.

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HPR prop jewelry is offered for rental and purchase. Our collection offers everything from simple gold wedding bands to ornate wedding sets, important Estate, Edwardian, Victorian and vintage pieces. A large selection of wristwatches and pocket watches are also available.

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HPR is a federally licensed firearms dealer with a knowledgeable and qualified gunsmith on staff. Our arsenal is stocked with weapons of all ages, handguns to full automatics. We provide blanks for all our weaponry as well as a test firing booth. Our gunsmith is available for technical assistance and has worked closely with actors on several productions.

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