Graphic Design

With years of experience behind us, we have helped countless clients with their graphic design needs, from concept to finished product. Custom design work comprises a large bulk of our projects and this is where we truly thrive.

Photo Retouching & Composite Work

We have integrated many an actor’s face or body into an existing photo. And we were able to actually make it look believable.

Laser Printing

We have two professional color printers: a high-speed business model and a high-quality graphic printer, with a 13″ x 19″ maximum paper size.

Oversize Printing

Our wide-format inkjet printer accommodates up to 44″ in media width. In addition to basic paper and photo paper printing, it is also an excellent machine for creating color newspaper covers.


Chairbacks, yearbook covers, invitations, license plate graphics and more.

Vinyl Printing

In addition to a traditional desktop thermal vinyl printer and plotter, we also have a solvent-based inkjet printer/cutter, with white and silver ink in addition to standard CMYK. This printer greatly enhances our ability to create vinyl seals, labels, stickers, skins and food packaging such as clear bags and foil wrappers.


We have a rotary engraver for all your basic name pin needs, such as medical or police officer badges. If you need to engrave custom graphics such as logos or typography, we can collaborate with HPR Custom, which has laser engravers on site.

Plastic ID Cards & Credit Cards

We have a desktop PVC id card printer, and the ability to emboss and foil stamp credit cards.

License Plates

Vacuum formed plastic and flat metal license plates, both present day and vintage.


We take great care to make sure our vintage graphics honor historical accuracy in terms of images, typography, content and physical media. We have tackled projects that span from the 19th century to the present and included the use of foreign languages. Bottom line — if we can’t figure it out ourselves, we’ll find someone who can help.