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This place has so much stuff lining the walls that it’ll leave your head spinning a bit and your mouth gaped open as you gaze upon the many walls chock full of STUFF.

– Hope Parrish

Just about any prop you can imagine is at your disposal at this rent-by-the week place!

– Rick Young


You can count on Agnieshka and her team HPR to remember those details that you forgot; to not only do what you asked for, but more than what you asked for, because it was the right call.

-Ian Scheibel

HPR Graphics consistently impresses me with their excellence, both in design and production. I can go to set confident that I’m delivering the best prop possible…no excuses.

– Joel McKee

There’s only one place I come for props, and that’s The Hand Prop Room. The graphics department has the best graphics in town. I totally dig it, man!

– Eric Bates