HPR’s New and Improved Gadget Rich High Tech Room

HPR’s New and Improved Gadget Rich High Tech Room

The High Tech Room undergoes surgery, so to speak.

We have been very busy as of late giving our High Tech room a huge make-over. You could say, a Hollywood make-over.

We are always building items for stock that we think will be an item or items that our customers would like to rent. But it’s when a specific show comes in that needs a specific look that we really gear up and start designing.

As is the case with our High Tech room as of late. It just so happened that throughout 2015 we kept getting requests for remote command center gear or communications gear along with rack mount units that have a lot of eye candy. We also got many requests for futuristic scientific gear. Nothing specific but items that could be outfitted in cases or hand held that could look like they could be measuring something in the atmosphere or something toxic.

This is when it gets fun here at HPR and we gather together items and get HPR Custom involved and start the creative process. Now, once all these items are done and are rented out, well, eventually they come back in and they need a place to go. What better place than our already very cool High Tech room. Hence the Hollywood make-over.

We weeded out the old and added the new. We manufactured and purchased some great looking high tech shelving and display racks. We gave it a fresh coat of paint and some new lighting and bingo, the new high tech room.

Making props not look like props!

Even though we are a prop house. There are items in our stock that we don’t want to look like props. The high tech room items are a perfect example of this. We want the items to look as professional as possible. Our rack mount communication units need to look like they could be part of a roving command center. We need our outfitted high tech cases to look as if a scientist could use it’s contents when analyzing an alien crash site. Yes, they are called props but they shouldn’t always look like props.