Anything and Everything Americana

Antique and Vintage Items

Here is a collection of classic Americana. It is a bit of a broad stroke but in this aisle you will find everything and anything Americana. From fishing poles and tackle boxes to lunch pails, tools, antique signs, jugs, croquet sets, oil lamps, glassware, bronze shoes, kitchen utensils, vacuum’s, scales, tinware, antique pitcher and basin sets, toys, bronze Remington statues, mason jars, wooden egg crates, vintage Lacrosse sticks, vintage wood handled mops and much more.

Of course there are many things here that you will find in other portfolios on this website but at least you have an idea of what is in this aisle. Here at The Hand Prop Room we have such a large inventory it is impossible to post everything to this website. If there is something specific you are looking for, please shoot us an email, send one of our salespeople a text or give a call. Chances are we have it or we can get it or make it for you.