Vintage, Designer and Modern Day Luggage

Suitcases of all shapes and sizes

Luggage, Vintage, Designer and Modern Day. Here at The Hand Prop Room we have this and so much more. Whether you are looking for designer period suitcases or present day designer suitcases, we have you covered.

We have possibly one of the largest collections of rental luggage around. We carry Louis Vuitton, Diane Von Furstenberg, Tumi, Filson, Mulholland Brothers, Ghurka, Wings, Oshkosh, Samsonite, and so many more. From modern day pullmans to antique western suitcases and carpet bags. We have the suitcase, bag or backpack you need to make the character or scene you’re outfitting come to life.

As with all of our props. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for just shoot us an email or give us a call. If we don’t have it we will try to get it, if we can’t get it we will make it. We are your one stop shop for anything prop related.